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My name is Lachlan James Burns a freelance photographer & videographer. I am obsessed by nature & people I meet everyday in the streets. I love being able to take in moments & the raw culture around me, whilst capturing it & communicating this emotion to others.

My photography & videography stems from my own unique style, of capturing a moment. My overarching goal is to create ‘work that matters’ to me. I push myself to capture not only moments that would otherwise be easy to capture, this has already been done. My work revolves around moments that are unqiue, hard to capture and otherwise hard to communicate to others.

Art has always been my way of cummunicating emotion to the world around me, as well as consuming it. This is why art as a medium is so important, this is why I have dedicated my life to the medium & will continue to do so.

Through my photography, videography and photo art prints I am able to capture the raw emotion with a moment & communicate this to the world around me. This is why I love what I do.


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